Benito, Bridget, and Samuel have come together in a brand new collaboration featuring clarinet, harp, and percussion, to explore the confluence of cultures found in South America and the Caribbean. Following the migration of rhythm from Africa and Europe, to the Andean Mountains, to the Amazon...and finally, right to the heart of New York City, CHALACA is a celebration of the composers who have immigrated to the United States from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela...alongside the folk masters who inspired them. Formed in Fall of 2016, this vibrant and virtuosic group’s reputation is spreading fast, with invitations to perform at multiple festivals in 2017/18, and a special concert at the Colombian Embassy, hosted by the Philipps Collection in Washington, DC.

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Next event! January 22nd at 1 Rivington 6:30pm
NYC launch, hosted by the Metropolis Ensemble.​